Antique Clock Restoration & Repairs including Antique Watches.

Owned by Luke Santry and based in Leominster, Herefordshire, Tempus Clock Repairs combine expert skills, acquired over 30+ years working in Horology, to all antique clock restorations and repairs. We also restore and repair antique watches.

I repair and restore Antiques clocks including:

  • Longcase – 8 day and 30 hours
  • Carriage Clocks
  • French Clocks
  • Mantle Clocks
  • Bracket Clocks
  • Vienna Weight Driven Clocks
  • American
  • Skeleton
  • 400 Day
  • Barographs

I can collect, return and setup your repaired clock in your own home.

I also provide a service for dial restoration, repainting, and silvering, case repairs and polishing.

Old oil and dirt can cause a lot of wear and tear in an antique clock and can eventually lead to it stop running altogether. This is why a movement needs to be stripped down, parts cleaned and polished with fresh oil to keep them in good working order for the future.

What work will be undertaken during an Antique Clock Restoration?

Processes in an overhaul include:

  • Movement stripped down
  • All parts machine cleaned
  • Any bushing work required
  • Pivots re-ground
  • Gut line for Longcase and Fusee movements
  • Hand polish
  • Reassemble, oil and test.

If there are any more serious problems found during the antique clock restoration, for example; broken wheels or parts, a repair price will be offered before commencement of work.

For more information about antique clock restoration or any of our other services please contact Luke on 07731 580 111.


Tempus Clock Repairs are proud to be a member of The British Watch and Clock Makers’ Guild